About Ristorante Casa Ferlin in Zurich

Outstanding Venetian cuisine since 1907

Casa Ferlin is an Italian restaurant near Stampfenbachplatz in Zurich. Our guests dine in a warm, traditional, Venetian/Italian atmosphere. We are known beyond Zurich for our home-made ravioli, our veal fillet in lemon sauce and our sumptuous chocolate mousse.

Head chef Angelo Ferlin never compromised on the freshness of his products. He spent the past 50 years serving his guests outstanding Italian, Mediterranean, seasonal, Swiss and international dishes. Manager Franz Ferlin and his team extend a warm, cordial welcome to new guests and regulars alike.

The restaurant is an ideal location for private and business events, too. On Saturdays, we are available to host banquets and festive occasions for 40 people or more.

Visit us at Ristorante Casa Ferlin in Zurich. We look forward to having you here.

You can also enjoy our exquisite wines at home: www.weinhandlung-casaferlin.ch

Das Team Casa Ferlin - Ristorante Casa Ferlin - Zürich


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  • Wheelchair access

  • Dogs allowed

  • Fumoir and cigar lounge


  • Guide Rouge (Michelin)
  • Chaîne de Rôtisseurs (premier international fine food and wine organisation)
  • Blue Guide
  • Best of Swiss Gastro


  • Italian
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  • Portuguese

The history of Casa Ferlin

The years go by, but at Casa Ferlin our Italian cuisine remains unchanged.

In 1884, the tailor Gaspare Ferlin left his Venetian home town of Castelguglielmo to settle in Zurich. In 1907, he leased a tavern, then named ‘Zum Löwen’, at Stampfenbachstrasse 38 and renamed it ‘Chiantiquelle’. Soon after, he married Notburga Foratroi, a chef from South Tyrol. His new wife was extremely knowledgeable about Italian cooking, and her ravioli recipe became the foundation of the restaurant’s success. Its owner maintained a close connection with his home country and imported Chianti wines, which inspired the name ‘Chiantiquelle’.

A social hub

After the death of Gaspare Ferlin, his son Menotti, a banker and trained musician, took over the restaurant. In 1955, he had the house demolished and replaced by the five-storey building where the ground floor has hosted Ristorante Casa Ferlin ever since. The remaining floors are rented out as office space. Every evening, Menotti played cheerful Italian tunes on his Hammond organ to entertain his guests.  During that time, the restaurant developed into a respected address and a social hub for the rich and famous from Switzerland and beyond.

A courageous woman

Menotti wanted his nephew, Angelo Ferlin, to take over his successful business. After spending three years as a chef in Milan, Menotti invited the 16-year-old Angelo to Switzerland. Over the course of eight years, Menotti revealed the secrets of the Ferlin recipes to his young successor before promoting him to head chef in 1970. Menotti passed away after a heart attack in 1976. His wife Carla was determined to continue his legacy. Together with their long-term employee Luciano Luchetti as manager and Angelo as head chef, she kept Casa Ferlin alive. Angelo’s wife, Angelina, kept the table linen in order and Paride Ferlin, Angelo’s brother, looked after the precious wines in the cellar and staffed the buffet.

A new generation

Franz Ferlin, Angelo’s second son, took over the restaurant from Luciano Luchetti after his retirement in 1999. Carla supported the new manager. After Angelo died in 2016, Alessandro Rovito was promoted to head chef after a decade of loyal service to the restaurant. With Marco, Franz Ferlin’s son, the fifth generation of Ferlins has joined Casa Ferlin. Marco is a trained chef who completed his apprenticeship at Hotel Widder.

We serve quality that you can taste in every bite.

Feel like you’re right in Venice (but with a shorter journey home)!

Our team is passionate about food.